SW Jedi Survivor Won't Launch, EA App & Steam Issue Fix

If Star Wars Jedi Survivor is not launching on Steam or EA app, you are unfortunately not alone with this issue! SW Jedi Survivor is now available on all platforms, but it seems that PC players got the short end of the stick in the deal. Asides from performance issues and various errors, many players can’t start SW Jedi Survivor on PC via Steam or EA App. Here’s what you should do to fix this.

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SW Jedi Survivor Won't Launch, EA App & Steam Issue Fix
SW Jedi Survivor Won’t Start Fix

How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Won’t Launch Issue

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor won’t launch on PC problem is definitely not something players want to deal with. And especially if they’ve preordered the game and can’t wait to play it. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what many are experiencing at the moment. Luckily for them and you, this inconvenience seems to be a relatively easily solvable problem. Namely, the fact that you can’t start SW Jedi Survivor on Steam or EA App has to do with the latter. Specifically, the EA App is the one causing problems no matter what platform you play on. That’s because all EA games always launch the App even if you own the game on another platform.

“Every time I try to launch the game, I get a message from EA saying there was an error on their end and to try again later,” says Steam user bkjolly77. On the other hand, Reddit user ReconWolf_ shares his experience: “Jedi Survivor literally doesn’t launch on Steam, and launching through the EA app shows ‘You don’t have access’ error.”

Hence, what’s the solution here? All you have to do is to repair the EA app. Namely, a number of players have reported that this is precisely what has solved the “SW Jedi Survivor Won’t Launch” issue for them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch EA App.
  • Head to the main menu.
  • Choose “Help”.
  • Use the “App Recovery” feature.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Launch the game.
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  1. C

    this did not work for me. upon hitting start on steam for JS, ea launches saying something went wrong every time.

    1. F

      any luck fixing it?

  2. A

    I bought the game yesterday, at least it started but couldn’t reach the start menu. Now in the EA App it says it’s incompatible and it’s greyed out. -.-
    It’s a joke right?

  3. K

    ya this doesn’t do anything to help us.
    thats the first thing listed on the trubleshooting page..
    i’d say amost all of us have tryed this allready.

  4. J

    It’s insane to release a game that you know cannot be played. Talk about lying to get more sales on pre-orders and upgrades…when the game is not even ready for launch. This is not a server issue, outage, etc., this is a known issue they were aware could not be resolved prior to launch and did not want to refund the pre-orders with failing their obligatory release dates for those customers, so take the exact same play from the book that many others have already worn out with over-use…bugs. Yup! Bugs that up until the day of launch, were unheard of. But upon the day of launch, nearly everyone experiences it. That is NOT a bug, it is a greedy company.

  5. D
    dylan blachowski

    Turn off your firewall… i had same issue that was my fix.

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