Tale of Food Tier List

Tale of Food is a very interesting game. In this touching fantasy adventure, you are the descendant of the Food God. As such, your characters – known as Food Souls – are presented as anthropomorphic depictions of popular foods. Though, as there many of these, you are no doubt wondering which ones are the best. Well, wonder no more, as in our Tale of Food Tier List, we are going to rank all of the Food Souls in the game. This way, you will know which ones to focus on, and which ones you can safely ignore.

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Tale of Food Tier List
Tale of Food Tier List

Tale of Food Tier List of Best Characters

Before we get into the rankings, there are several things that we need to note here. The first of which is – this game has only recently been fully released. As such, there are bound to be more characters added to it if it proves popular and successful enough. Also, the characters that are currently available may end up being buffed or nerfed, according to player feedback and testing. This means that they may change their positions on our list with some hypothetical future updates.

Speaking of characters, we also have to make it clear that this is only our own subjective list. If there are any characters that you prefer, or if you think that we have unfairly ranked them too high or too low, then feel free to tell us why that is in the comments. And now, let’s see the tier list itself. We are going to rank the Food Souls from the best – Tier S – all the way to the worst ones in Tier C.

  • S Tier: Dezhou Chicken, Eight Immortals, Geely Shrimp, and Longjing Shrimp.
  • A Tier: Peking Duck, Candied Gingko Nuts, and Sweet ‘n Sour Pork.
  • B Tier: Buddha’s Temptation, Gold Chicken Shred, Geely Shrimp, Lianhua Blood Duck, and Suckling Pig Roast.
  • C Tier: Cured Meat Platter, Sichuan Hotpot, Crab In Orange, Dish of Prosperity, and Dinghu’s Veggie.
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