Tarkov Awl Locations

Don’t know where to find an Awl in Escape from Tarkov? The popular survival first-person shooter has always had many RPG elements, such as crafting. Among other things, players can craft a variety of clothes in Tarkov. But for that, probably one of the most essential items to have is an Awl. An Awl is a tool in Tarkov necessary for making any kind of clothes. However, for such an important item, it’s not exactly easy to find. If you don’t know how to get an Awl in Tarkov, this guide will lead you to several locations where an Awl can be found.

Tarkov Awl Locations

Where to find Awl in Escape from Tarkov

So, you want to start making some clothes, but that tiny little Awl is nowhere to be found? It is also an item without which you can not create a Lavatory in your Hideout, which is needed for producing many advanced items. So many things are halted just because you can not find one small and elusive piece of equipment. Worry not, as your problems are soon to be over.

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There are actually quite a few locations where you can get an Awl. To start things off, you can find them in various stashes, duffle bags, wooden crates, and toolboxes. More specifically, you can almost always find them in the Shoreline swamp village if you look inside wooden crates there. Also, in the boxes on Scav island. Interchange is another location where you can loot and find Awls, namely on the shelves in the back of the Goshan supermarket.

There are reports from players about other locations as well. Some players report that you can get it from the brown woods crate at a convoy on Woods. Also on Woods, in the Garages at Village. Reddit user Deaniv says he has found them in “Shelf under green screen room on Customs. Back behind the truck”. Ultimately, we think that any of these locations will do the trick for you.

Reddit user BaziJoeWHL has even created a map to help you find these locations easier. Thus, if you are not sure where to look, maybe the maps below will be of use. With that said, our guide is complete.

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