Tarkov Error 260, Launcher Backend, Leaving The Game

Escape From Tarkov has been updated to version 0.12.6 recently, and the patch cause quite a commotion. The new additions and improvements were shoved out of the spotlight by a plethora of problems. People are seeing a multitude of numbered errors, getting stuck leaving the game, and have had obscene amounts of money disappear. This guide will show you a list of all current Tarkov errors & problems – launcher backend error, leaving the game, error 260, error 1500 and more.

tarkov launcher backend error leaving the game error 228 1500
Tarkov Launcher Backend Error, Leaving The Game, Error 228 & 1500

Error 260

Error 260 usually pops up when you have trouble connecting to the authentication servers for the game. It usually occurs after patch updates when a huge number of players is trying to log in. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do, according to developers’ tweet “We are working on resolving this issue“.

Money disappearing from stash

There have been many reports of people losing cash, sometimes up to 10 million rubles at a time. There’s not much to be done about this. If you have the incident captured on video, you can contact support and hope they’ll reimburse you. Otherwise you’ll just have to accept the loss.

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Moving error 228

This error seems to pop up in various situations. Some claim seeing it after losing all the loot from a successful raid, others say it prevents them from buying items from the flea market. It’s one of the most common errors post 0.12.4, and there’s nothing to be done about it.

Launcher backend error 1000

There have been a lot of these going around. They usually present themselves as errors checking launcher update. You might even get stuck in a lobby with no text in the UI. Patience is the only cure for now.

Stuck leaving the game

A number of folks have complained about being stuck on the leaving the game screen. Nothing seems to help with this – not even restarting your PC. You could try reinstalling the game, but it seems like this one will require waiting for the devs to save the day.

Unhandled exception Error reading JObject from Jsonreader

This is one of the rare issues that can be solved client-side. If you get this error message, it’s because of a corrupted file the game cannot read. Here’s what you should do if it happens to you:

  1. Open the Run dialogue (windows key + R);
  2. Type “%APPDATA?%” (without the quotation marks) and press Enter;
  3. Find the Battlestate Games folder and open it;
  4. There will be only one folder inside – open that one as well;
  5. Delete the settings file – it should be the only one there;
  6. Run the game, log in again and everything should work.

Error connecting to auth server – ERROR: 213

This error is usually accompanied by a crash after which you have to close the game through the task manager. If you end up being unable to launch it afterwards, the only thing you could try is uninstalling then reinstalling it.

Error 260

This one’s similar to the one above. People report getting stuck on a loading screen, then getting the error message after a few minutes. If you end up being locked out of the game, first try restarting your PC, then reinstalling the game.

Critical error 1500

This is one of the flea market errors. It usually stops people from posting items on the marketplace even though they’re at the appropriate level. Nothing to do but wait for a fix.

Error 201: unauthorized client or not selected game profile

Yet another error that we know nothing about, aside from the fact there’s nothing to be done about it. You’re not the only one affected, though. That must count for something.

Error 263 263 Bad account ID

No solution for this one either. In hindsight, maybe releasing an unstable, unpredictable patch into a world where dozens of countries are under quarantine and thousands of people are house-bound wasn’t such a good idea?

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