TFT Set 8 Release Date & Time

The TFT Set 8 release date and time is coming close, and there’ll be a lot to sink your teeth into. Of course, I know a lot of you will want to know when the new Monsters Attack update is going to launch in TFT, or Teamfight Tactics. Well, that’s what we’ll be telling you in this guide, with a short overview of what the update is going to bring with it.

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tft set 8 release date & time
TFT Set 8 Release Date & Time

When Does TFT Set 8 Come Out

The new TFT set 8 is coming out on Wednesday, December 7th, but the exact release date and time is a bit more difficult to pin down. By that, I mean Riot haven’t announced the precise launch time. Most likely, you’ll be able to start diving into the content of Set 8 at midnight Pacific Time / 3 AM Eastern Time / 8 AM GMT / 9 AM CET. The servers will probably go down a while before that, probably two or three hours. So, be sure to finish everything up before that point. If the developers do make the times available, we’ll be sure to update the guide appropriately. Then again, this is the usual schedule, so there’s no reason to expect it to be any different this time.

So, that’s when the release date and time of Set 8 in TFT is. Now, what can you expect to see in the new update, content-wise. Well, you can all about it on the official website. Basically, you’ll be going to Spatulopolis, the city that literally never sleeps. You know, on the account of all the monster attacks. It seems that there will be several factions in Spatulopolis, like The Star Guardians (3/5/7/9), Gadgeteens (3/5), the LaserCorps (3/6/9), A.D.M.I.N. (2/4/6), Civilians (1/2/3), and others. All of them have their own units with their own roles and combinations. There’s really a lot to chew on, so I recommend poring over the link we’ve provided above. Just so you can go in prepared.

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