The Eminence in Shadow Tier List

The Eminence in Shadow is a Japanese light novel series in which we follow the adventures of Cid Kagenou. Leader of the Shadow Garden, this organization opposes the Cult of Diabolos. However, Cid believes that both of these are simply engaging in role-playing. Thanks to its interesting premise, The Eminence in Shadow has been adapted into several other mediums, including manga, anime, and now – a video game as well. As there are many characters to play as in The Eminence in Shadow, it’s very important to know which ones are the best and which ones are the least powerful. We’re going to rank all of them in our The Eminence in Shadow Tier List.

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The Eminence in Shadow Tier List
The Eminence in Shadow Tier List

The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden Tier List of Best Characters

We’re going to rank all of the characters that are currently available in the game, starting from the S tier (the most powerful), all the way down to the D tier (the weakest). Needless to say, S characters are the one that you will get the most use out of in the game. Note that, since the game has only been out for a short while, these rankings may change in the future. Also, if you rate a character higher or lower than us – that’s only to be expected. We have not taken into consideration anything else than power levels when creating this list. As such, you may find a character’s look or personality much more important and that’s why you prefer – or dislike – playing with them. But enough talk, let’s see the rankings themselves:

  • S Tier: Claire Kagenou, Delta, Shadow, and Alexa Midgar.
  • A Tier: Cid Kagenou, Epsilon, Rose Oriana, and Eta.
  • B Tier: Iris Midgar, Rose Oriana, and Gamma.
  • C Tier: Beta, Zeta, and Alpha.
  • D Tier: Shelly Barnett.
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