The Callisto Protocol Release Date & Time

The Callisto Protocol release date and time is almost upon us, and I know there are many of you that want to know when The Callisto Protocol is coming out. After all, it’s the spiritual successor to Dead Space; the first such game since EA got its claws into the franchise. Well, let’s find out when The Callisto Protocol will launch, shall we?

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the callisto protocol release date & time
The Callisto Protocol Release Date & Time

When Does The Callisto Protocol Come Out?

UPDATE: It seems that the console launch of The Callisto Protocol will be at the same time globally, rather than a rollout release. The time will be midnight ET. Original text follows.

The Callisto Protocol is coming out on Friday, December 2nd, but the exact release date and time will depend on where you live and which platform you’ll be playing on. First off, the game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. If you’re planning to get it on consoles, the launch date and time will be midnight in your region. So, if you’re on Pacific Time, you can actually start playing late on December 1st, since the game will come out on December 2nd at midnight Eastern Time. So, yeah, the classic rollout launch that we’ve come to expect from console launches.

Well, The Callisto Protocol is also coming out on December 2nd on Steam, and the release date and time will most likely be the same all around the world. That’s how launches on Steam usually work. Obviously, we don’t know for sure, and we’ll be sure to correct the article if our estimation does turn out to be wrong. Really, the easiest way is to keep an eye on the Callisto Protocol Steam page and follow the countdown. As far as I can tell, the release will be on December 2nd at 2 AM ET / 7 AM British Time / 8 AM CET. That’s 11 PM on December 1st Pacific Time. And that’s about all there is to it for this guide. Stay tuned, because we’ll be covering the game with our guides.

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    Wrong, it’s a global release, even on console and Not Midnight.

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