The Last of Us Part I 100% CPU Usage Fix

If you don’t understand why is The Last of Us Part I running at 100% CPU usage, you’re not alone. The legendary post-apocalyptic adventure is now finally available for PC gamers. However, the game’s launch hasn’t been the smoothest experience. This guide explains why your CPU is at 100% when playing The Last of Us Part I on PC.

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The Last of Us Part I 100% CPU Usage Fix
The Last of Us Part I High CPU Usage Fix

Why is The Last of Us Part I Running at 100% CPU Usage on PC

The Last of Us Part I is now live on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Being a remake, the game is very demanding, and you will need to latest hardware in order to run the game properly. However, even players with high-end hardware are reporting various technical issues on the first day of the game’s release on PC. For example, many players can’t play the game properly due to “Not Enough RAM” messages. But what about this crazy high CPU usage when playing The Last of Us Part I on PC?

“My Core I5 ​​10400F is begging for mercy when I open this game, lol, really bad optimization,” says Steam user Punk Comunista. And you can find countless similar complaints on Reddit and Steam with the same issue. So, is there a reason to be worried?

Let’s get your worries eased right now. Luckily, there are no serious issues here or some bad coding that will brick your CPU. To our understanding, this 100% CPU usage will only occur when you first start playing the game. Namely, the reason behind this is not the game itself. Rather, high CPU usage occurs due to shader compilation when you first start the game. Hence, the best course of action here is to allow the game to complete compiling shaders. After the process is completed, many players report that CPU usage will drop to around 40-60%.

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  1. B

    I have just finished watching a tech vid where the creator sat for 30 min to load shaders each time he switched out to a other GPU to test. His new 8 core/16 thread Ryzen 7700X was struggling at above 50% usage (all threads in use) and the GPU could not get 100% utilization, even at 1440p, where the 6700XT GPU should be the bottleneck not the CPU. The rate the new games have caught up to and surpassed the latest PC hardware in the last year seems suspect. I get the feeling somebody wants to push new hardware sales just like Windows 11 was designed to do.

    1. S

      Oh and I forgot im running at 1440p resolution

    2. P

      This been happening forever with big releases on PC. I mean CPU and GPU’s are ridiculously powerfull nowadays. Thers no reason a linear single player corridor game uses that much resources.

    3. D
      David E Pfeifle

      That seems strange. I have a 7700x with a 4080 and at 1440p I get 100% gpu usage while my cpu sits at 60-70%. It actually runs really well on my setup overall.

  2. S

    That is very weird im running ryzen 9 5900x & rtx 3080 (10gb) and my gpu utilization is at 100%. My CPU is at 1% though but when I started the game I let it sit and load the compile shaders to 100%. I’m 2 hours in and I am fortunate to not be having ANY OF the problems people are reporting.

    1. J

      its not running at 1% its running at 99%, the tools are broken when you run the game. it shows the remaining amount of CPU use. So if you are running at 80% its going to show 20% on the CPU use. Just open up task manager while you are running the game and take a peak. My i5 12400 is SCREAMING in pain when I fire this up.

  3. S

    Yeah I came here wondering why my CPU were over 70, I’ve never seen them over 54* on an i7 13700k lol

  4. J
    Jameson Heesen

    The game is made in unreal engine 5, all very new rendering techniques, nanite and lumen to name a couple. I’m sure there is room for optimization. But it is expected that next gen game engines will require the latest hardware to run at desirable performance

  5. J
    Justin dmiyh

    “The latest hardware”? I think a Core i5 12400, 64 GB of Ram and an RTX 3060 TI should be plenty enough hardware to run games smoothly at 1080 and 1440p. This game struggles to maintain 60 fps on 1080p with medium settings. I can’t even record in OBS because of the extremely high CPU usage. This is not normal, and this game should not require the hardware that it does. The game is static/linear, non-open world, and your telling me that I’m going to need a 4080 or something to run newer games when I just bought a new GPU? If this is what the world of gaming has become, I want f**k all to do with it. F**k Naughty Dog, F**k last of us, and f**k the entire PC “gaming” community.

    1. H

      jesus christ Justin calm down

  6. J

    Waiting for shaders does nothing. I was at 100% and i’m still at 100% after the shaders have finished. Running a Core i5 12400 with 64 GB of DDR4 and a RTX 3060 TI. This is such bullcrap. I pirated the game because I am not paying a 2nd time for literal crap. Just go to DODI or Fitgirl and get the POS for free until they decide to actually put some work into it. I own the ps3 version so literal dog crap would be better than that. pushing the settings all on high and locking it to 30 would be better than the PS3’s 20 FPS.

  7. C
    Cody Hayter

    I9 850K, 32GB DDR4, 3090. 100% CPU usage. Wacky to say the least.

  8. J

    I am running a core-i5 12400 with 64GB or ddr4 and a RTX 3060 ti and the CPU is hammered at 100% regardless if shaders are finished or not.

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