The Medium Dayroom Puzzle Solutions - Globe, Sheet Music, Piano

The dayroom in The Medium is an area of the Niwa Resort where you’ll have to solve several puzzles, including completing a globe and collecting parts of sheet music in order to play the piano. Funnily enough, the two main dayroom puzzles in The Medium are closely related; you can’t complete the piano puzzle without solving the globe, because you need that to pick up the last part of the sheet music. If you’re stuck on this section, then our The Medium Dayroom Puzzle Solutions – Globe, Sheet Music, Piano guide is the right place for you.

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the medium dayroom puzzle solutions globe sheet music piano
The Medium Dayroom Puzzle Solutions – Globe, Sheet Music, Piano

How to Solve The Medium Globe Puzzle in Dayroom?

To solve the globe puzzle in the dayroom area in The Medium, you first have to find the missing part. To do that, go to the upper right corner of the dayroom, to the door next to the wall with flowers painted on it. It’s directly opposite from the door that leads into the globe room. Now, this room is locked for regular Marianne, so use your out-of-body ability to switch to spirit-Marianne. Go inside the room and pick up the item from the lower corner. You can see where it is in the screenshots below.

how to solve medium dayroom globe puzzle
Missing globe piece location

All you need to do now is to exit out-of-body, go into the globe room and put the item on the globe. Then, rotate the three sections until you form a face, as in the picture up top. This will form another junction, which will basically allow you to rotate the room, granting you access to previously inaccessible areas. You need that to solve the puzzle with the sheet music and the piano, which brings us to our next bit.

Dayroom The Medium Sheet Music & Piano Puzzle Solution

The solution for the sheet music and piano puzzle in the hotel dayroom in The Medium, you have to find the three parts of the sheet music. The first two pieces are fairly easy. One is in the bottom right corner of the dayroom, on the table. The second one is in the upper left corner of the area, on a chair near the door to the aforementioned globe room.

The third piece of sheet music is trickier. Go into the globe room and rotate the globe until you get to West Africa. You should now be able to go out onto the balcony. Walk down the balcony and go into the next room. That’s where the piano is, which we’ll need in a second. For now, go to the bottom right corner and pick up the Teacher’s Room Key. Then, use your razor to cut the flesh apart and open your way back into the central dayroom. Then, head to the teacher’s room, which is the place where found the third part of the globe. Use the key to let regular Marianne in. Go up to the desk and pick up the third bit of sheet music.

Combine all three parts to form a complete page of music. Double back to the piano, and use the sheet on it. Playing the music is going to charge up the altar, so take all the spiritual energy from it. Lastly, go to the doorway covered in moths in the center of the dayroom. You can now go through the swarm, because you’ll have a ball of energy protecting you.

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