Immortals Fenyx Rising How to Access A New God DLC

A New God is the first DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising. It was just released, and a bunch of people are looking to drop into Olympos and do some trials to prove their worth. However, a number of them are having trouble accessing the new story. If you’re stuck, not knowing where to look, this guide is going to show you how to access A New God DLC in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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immortals fenyx rising how to access a new god dlc
Immortals Fenyx Rising How to Access A New God DLC

How to access DLC in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Most people are looking on the map, trying to find the starting quest with no results. That’s because you won’t find it on the map – the DLC isn’t part of the game, strictly speaking. Or at least, it isn’t part of the original map.

To start playing A New God, you’ll have to go to the main menu, then look for a shiny icon in the lower left corner. Click on it, and you’ll be transported to another version of the main menu, one which allows you to start a new game.

It’ll ask you whether you’d like to import your character from the base game – you’ll keep your appearance and customization items you’ve collected (weapon and armor skins), but other than that, it’s as if you started with a new character. You’ll have only one set of armor and weapons, and all your powers and abilities will be upgraded to maximum level.

Cannot download A New God DLC bug

A number of Playstation owners have been complaining about being unable to download the DLC. The store recognizes you own it, but won’t let you download it manually, and it won’t download itself. It’s happening to both owners of the gold edition and those who bought the season pass separately, so we have no idea what’s causing it. There’s nothing you can do about it – you’ll have to wait for it to be fixed by a higher power.

If you’re having this issue with the Switch version, simply update your game and you’ll be allowed in. You might also have to close the game and run it again.

Xbox players might have issue downloading the DLC as well. If you’re one, you should look it up under the game’s add-ons. While on the game’s page, press start to go to “manage game and add-ons”. Select the game and press start again, then select “manage installation on internal”. You’ll find the DLC there.



  1. R

    If it says you can’t start the dlc on Xbox you have to go to my games and apps and go to manage under Immortals. It will show the dlc is not checked off. Check it and hit apply and it will download the dlc.

    1. D

      THXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX !!!! haha i had exactly that probleme have to check on the 2 add

  2. J

    Yup, I’m stuck on the Ps4. Absolute crap. I don’t usually pull this card but I am irrate, it’s my birthday and was excited for something nice today. Figures. What a simple oversight too. It appears they just forgot to add a Seperate download button on the store or to program the game to automatically do it. I would have much preferred to just buy the DLC’s individually if I had known but no way to do that now.

    1. P

      I’m the same way I have ps4 gold edition and it wont let me download the game.

  3. C

    Actually there is a work around. Go online to the PlayStation store on any device that will let you access the store. Then login and go to the A New God dlc and add it your library. Then go to the ps5 and download it from the store.

    1. M

      Any ideas on how to get the DLC to download on Switch? I have the latest version of the game but no DLC option on the main menu. In the eshop it shows as purchased but there’s no download button.

      1. A
        Adrian Wyatt

        I got you, Switch buddy! Took me a minute, but when you log in and see your line up of games, highlight Fenyx Rising and rather than opening the software, hit the “minus” button on the top left of your left-side controller and that will open up a menu with an option for “software update” but only for that one game. That’s the ticket!

        1. N

          Bro you saved my life on this one! i thought maybe they took my money and left. Thanks

  4. A
    Allen gotwald

    I got the ps4 version that has the ps5 version for free. I loaded the game on ps5 just fine. I can download the dlc but the game crashes every time I try to load it if the dlc is installed.

    1. S
      Sean mc

      I’m on ps5 downloaded the new dlc as I have the season pass it shows up on my game management as installed but I run the game and its nowhere to be found in game as image doesn’t appear to access it on menu screen

      1. M

        Exactly same problem for me

  5. S

    It registers in the bottom left corner that i have it, but the start button is not letting me start. it is just staying where the title screen is. it shows i have it, but won’t let me use it

  6. G

    i just wanna ask. i’m on switch then i downloaded the seperate a new god dlc and not with the season pass. I got my game card on switch but it keeps telling ” software required.” can anyone help on how to fix this issue?

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