Tomb Raider Remastered Sunglasses Cheat

The Tomb Raider Remastered sunglasses cheat gives your Lara her legendary red, round sunglasses. It’s a really simple cheat to do, and it won’t mess with your progression at all. And let’s be honest… Lara is always cool, but the sunglasses just take everything to a whole different level. So, here’s what you need to do.

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tomb raider remastered sunglasses cheat
Tomb Raider Remastered Sunglasses Cheat

How to Do Tomb Raider Remastered Sunglasses Cheat

To do the cheat that lets Lara wear her iconic red sunglasses in Tomb Raider Remastered, you need to hold the look and walk buttons during the loading screens between levels. You can do this when starting a new game or by loading an already existing save. Again, just hold the walk and look buttons while the loading screen is happening. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know what the buttons are on PC, so let me know what they are in the comments. On the PlayStation controller, it’s L1 and R1. If you’re using an Xbox controller, hold RB and LB. Lastly, if you’re playing on Switch, gold L and R. Basically, the front shoulder buttons. You get the idea.

So, yeah, that’s how you do the sunglasses cheat in Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. This is just about the best way to do this. For one, it doesn’t require installing any mods. Not that I have anything against mods, but it’s certainly less cumbersome to just hold two buttons. Secondly, and probably more importantly, doing this doesn’t disable achievements like the other cheats do. As in, the cheats that let you skip levels or get infinite ammo. Which makes sense, because a simple pair of sunglasses doesn’t give you any kind of edge. But if you want to learn more about those, check out our Tomb Raider Remastered Cheat Codes List guide. In case you need that little extra leg up.

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