Torchlight Infinite Tier List, Best Champions

In our Torchlight Infinite Tier List, Best Champions guide, we are going to give you a ranked list of the all the characters in the game. Mind you, your mileage may vary depending on your preferred play style. Still, this list can help you get a general idea of who you want to play as, since we’ll also add a brief description of all of them.

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torchlight infinite tier list best champions
Torchlight Infinite Tier List, Best Champions

Best Champions Torchlight Infinite Tier List

In our tier list below, we are going to rank the best champions in Torchlight Infinite. Before we jump in, though, a few disclaimers. These characters are actually different classes. So, which ones are going to the best for you will depend entirely on what your personal preferences are. Like, maybe Gemma will be an S for you, while we put her in A. Second, there is one more character, Thea, that we didn’t include in the list, simply because we weren’t sure where to put her. Feel free to make your own list and share it in the comments. Lastly, due to the nature of the game, this list might change depending on whether characters get nerfed or buffed. With all of that said, here’s our list of Torchlight Infinite heroes.

  • S Rank
    • Commander Moto – focuses on summoning additional troops while avoiding engaging directly; similar to the necromancer in Diablo.
    • Berserker Rehan – melee damage dealer, but not a tank, so more of a barbarian than a paladin.
  • A Rank
    • Divineshot Carino – deals damage from afar and generally controls the battlefield; the glass cannon of the group.
    • Frostfire Gemma – Similar to Carino, but using spells instead of guns; the mage, or sorcerer, or whatever else you wanna call her.
  • B Rank
    • Spacetime Witness Youga – difficult to use, but interesting in concept; he has two versions, melee or mage, with corresponding special skills, overall somewhere in between Moto and Gemma.
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