Tribes Of Midgard Hideout Fragments

Hideout Fragments are one of the four fragment types you can get in Tribes of Midgard. Needless to say, these fragments are very important. However, while some of the other fragments are pretty self-explanatory, hideout fragments are not that simple to get. This is because, like Midnight Yew Essence, you will also need to do several specific actions in order to get this fragment type. In this Tribes Of Midgard Hideout Fragments guide, we will go over this fragment type, how it differs from other fragments, as well as where you can get it.

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Tribes Of Midgard Hideout Fragments

How To Get Hideout Fragments in Tribes Of Midgard

As we already said, there are four fragment types in Tribes of Midgard. Jotnar Fragments – from defeating Jotnar. Quest Fragments – gained by completing quests. Event Fragments – when you complete a random event. These are all very straightforward and logical. Hideout Fragments are a bit different. You get these from – you guessed it – a Hideout. Hideouts are large dungeons that you can explore. You will recognize it on your map thanks to its icon of a cave. Once inside, you will be attacked by various enemies. After defeating them, look for a lever.

This lever will unlock the way to the next level of the hideout. Most hideouts have at least three levels, with the bottommost level having a unique or elite enemy. Naturally, this enemy is difficult to defeat. After you have done so, you will then be able to loot the treasure chest that is on that level. Inside this chest, you will find the Hideout Fragment. Don’t forget, you need a certain number of these if you want to open Fenrir’s Lair and battle the beast. Thank you for reading our Tribes Of Midgard Hideout Fragments guide. Enjoy the game and good luck defeating Fenrir!

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