Triple Elixir Challenge Deck - Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a highly popular mobile RTS game that combines elements of deck building and tower defense games. A recent Triple Elixir Challenge requires that you have a great deck, because otherwise, to quote the challenge description: “It’s 3 losses and you’re out!” Naturally, a challenge such as this can normally take a lot of experimentation, not to mention frustration, until you get it right. To help you successfully complete this challenge, our Triple Elixir Challenge Deck – Clash Royale guide will present several deck combinations that are sure to get you through it.

Triple Elixir Challenge Deck - Clash Royale

The Best Decks to Beat the Triple Elixir Challenge in Clash Royale

The first Deck on our list uses the freely boosted Royal Recruits and is a very common deck that can be easily found in the meta. Your tactic here is a simple one – you want to overwhelm the enemy combatants with sheer numbers. The enemy will be forced to spend all of their attacks on the plentiful Royal Recruits, leaving you open to use the Royal Hogs to take down the Tower. The other cards are for defense purposes. Here is the direct link to this card deck.

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Triple Elixir Challenge Deck 1

Triple Elixir Challenge Deck #2

This second deck uses PEKKA to defend from the most dangerous attackers to your Tower. The Electro Wizard’s role is to fight the Inferno Dragon and Tower. After the enemy has wasted their resources on the PEKKA, send in your Bandit and Ram Rider to take care of the remaining ones. The Earthquake and Fireball serve to take the unit spawning buildings out of action. Here is the link to this deck.

Triple Elixir Challenge Deck 2

Triple Elixir Challenge Deck #3

The third deck can be very vulnerable to air and swarm cards, so use your arrows, magic archer, and fireball to get rid of these. Like before, PEKKA is here to take care of the big Tower attackers. The two Knights synergize really well. One has great AOE attacks and the other provides great single damage. If you want to use it, here is the direct link to this particular deck build.

Triple Elixir Challenge Deck 3

Triple Elixir Challenge Deck #4

The final deck we have prepared for you today uses the Lava Hound as your main tank. All the attention will be on it, allowing you to strike at the weak points of the enemy. If the enemy has bad anti-air, then the Lava Hound will take down their Tower. And if they waste all of their anti-air at the LH, you can then exploit this with the Miner and Valkyrie. Here’s our link to this deck.

Triple Elixir Challenge Deck 4
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