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Cookie Run Kingdom Twizzly Gummy Cookie toppings are special toppings you can add to this particular cookie to give her various bonuses. There are a few options for you to think about, and see which one of them fits your needs. The Twizzly Gummy Cookie works best when you use it aggressively, but there are several ways you can take this. We’ll present you with these options in this guide, and you decide what works for you.

twizzly gummy cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings for Twizzly Gummy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are two Twizzly Gummy Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom that work the best. Well, three, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The first topping you should consider is five Juicy Apple Jelly. This topping increases your crit percentage in combat. If you use high-tier toppings and apply five Juicy Apple Jelly, you’ll get 20% increase to your crit chances. This is arguably your best bet for the Twizzly Gummy Cookie, because she has an ability that deals 350% crit damage. In other words, if she crits, she will utterly devastate enemies on the battlefield.

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The second topping you should consider is five Searing Raspberry. You get 3% ATK for each high-tier Raspberry topping that you apply, plus an extra 5% when you equip five of them. That adds up to 20% ATK if you put five Searing Raspberry. It’s a safer option than the one above, but with not as much potential for massive damage. The last of the Cookie Run Kingdom Twizzly Gummy Cookie toppings you should consider is a combination of three Searing Raspberry and two Juicy Apple Jelly. That will give you 12% to ATK and 6% crit. A bit of both, if you will.

Which of these you choose depends entirely on your playstyle. If you have characters that can do constant DPS, the build with five Juicy Apple Jelly high-tier toppings is probably your best bet. However, that decision is ultimately up to you. Make the build that best suits your needs.

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