Murals Puzzle - All 3 Star Shaped Gem Seelie Locations Genshin Impact

Tsurumi Island, the newest island added to Genshin Impact with the 2.2 update, really opens up once you get the Peculiar Pinion gadget. Among other things, it will allow you to get all the stone slates, and will also let you solve the 3 Star Shaped Gem Seelie puzzle. This happens when you place three star-shaped gems to light up a star-shaped picture on the mural at Shirakoro Peak. Once you have done that, three Seelie will shoot out from there, and you will need to find to earn a handsome reward. Our All 3 Star Shaped Gem Seelie Locations Genshin Impact guide will tell you exactly where to look and what you need to do.

All 3 Star Shaped Gem Seelie Locations Genshin Impact

All Star-Shaped Gem Seelie Locations

The first of these Seelies that you are likely to run into is near the top of Shirakoro Peak. From the teleport Waypoint there, go and jump down behind the Electrogranum summoning point and you will see it. As soon as you touch it, this will begin a chasing game. The Seelie will move further away whenever you touch it and it will be your job here to catch up to where it is floating to get it to move again. You will have to climb trees, seek higher ground from where you can glide to it, and so on. It isn’t as hard as it sounds, just be careful not to lose sight of it. After a while, it will settle in a location near the Chirai Shrine. Basically, you need to “herd” all three Seelie here.

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The second Seelie is in a spot directly south from Chirai Shrine, and east from Mt Kanna. When you get here, you will see it high up on a cliff. Again, chase it all the way to the same spot you guided the first one. Finally, the third one is on top of Mt. Kanna. When you get this one to the same spot as the previous two, a Luxurious chest will appear – your prize for figuring out this elaborate puzzle.

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