Type Soul Blue Pill Explained

Don’t know what does the Blue Pill do in Type Soul? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we are going to explain how to use the Blue Pill in the game, step by step. We will also tell you what the item does and how to get it. It’s really useful, the Blue Pill, if you want to build your character over. So, let’s get right into it!

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type soul blue pill explained
Type Soul Blue Pill Explained

How to Use Blue Pill in Type Soul

To use the Type Soul Locked Blue Pill, you first need to equip it. So, open the inventory by pressing “N” on your keyboard and scroll through until you get to the Items section. Click the Locked Blue Pill, then click Equip. Select the item slot in which you want to put it. Exit the inventory and click the Blue Pill in the inventory, then press the button you’ve assigned it to. Once your character has the pill in their hand, click the pill to use it.

Now that we know how to use the Blue Pill, let’s talk about what it’s for. Basically, it’s a complete skill reset, allowing you to rebuild your character from scratch. However, you will completely lose the five extra skill points you got from the Red Pill. You’ll need to take another Red Pill to restore those. Keep that in mind and don’t just reset your skills willy-nilly. Be sure to have another pill at hand.

How to Get Blue Pill Type Soul

The only way to get the Locked Blue Pill in Type Soul is redeeming one of the currently-active codes. To do that, click the red gift icon in the top of the screen (they’re hard to see, but they are there). This will open another, smaller window in the game. It will have a text box in which you can type the code into, so type in “10klikes” without the quotes and hit Enter. Boom, you have the Blue Pill. Be sure to redeem this code as soon as you can, because if it expires, you’ll really be out of luck. There’s no other method to get one at time of writing.

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