Unlock Champion King Skin in Clash of Clans

If you don’t know how to unlock the Champion King hero skin in Clash of Clans, or CoC, you’ve come to the right place. To the best of my knowledge, there’s only one way to do this, and you may not like it. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of performing some task or completing a challenge. Here’s what you actually have to do.

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unlock champion king skin in clash of clans
Unlock Champion King Skin in Clash of Clans

How to Unlock Champion King Hero Skin in CoC

To unlock the Champion King hero skin in Clash of Clans, or CoC, you’re gonna have to purchase it from the in-game store. Yes, really. That’s the only way to obtain this special cosmetic, as far as I know. If there’s some other way that we’re missing, by all means, let us know in the comments below. However, I’m afraid there is not going to be any other way. And, to make things worse, you only have until October 1st to make the purchase. But, hey, at least the skin is real super-special. It comes with the custom model, its own visual effects, custom textures, sound effects, special voice lines and animations, as well as custom spawned units. The decision of whether it’s worth the money is up to you.

And there you have it, that’s how you unlock the Champion King hero skin in Clash of Clans (or CoC, if you prefer). Let me add this, just in case: once you purchase the cosmetic, you will find it under the Barbarian King skins. I don’t want you coming here and telling me that you bought the thing, but it disappeared somewhere. As for the store, the skin itself will be in the Sweet Victory part of the shop. And, yes, it’s kinda-sorta a set with the Champion Queen and Champion Warden hero skins. Which, as far as I know, can also only be obtained via the in-game store.

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