Berries Pokemon BDSP How to Get & Grow Berries

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (or Pokemon BDSP for short), Berries are one of the items that you will be able to get in the game. There are dozens of Berries in the game, all of them with their own stat effects and look. There are several ways you can acquire Berries in Pokemon BDSP, and in our Berries Pokemon BDSP How to Get & Grow Berries guide, we will be taking a look at all of them, as well as where to buy Berries.

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Berries Pokemon BDSP How to Get & Grow Berries

How to Get Berries Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

There are four basic ways to get Berries in Pokemon BDSP. The first of these methods is to visit three NPCs that will give you Berries each day. These are: woman in Flower Shop in Floaroma City (you will get a Common Berry), the Berry Master in his house on Route 208 (a Good Berry), and from a woman in a southwestern house in Pastoria City (a Rare Berry). The second way is by encountering wild Berry bushes in the wild, and then picking the Berries from them. The third involves buying Berries from a woman standing next to the Berry Master and buying them from her. The Berries cost 80 Pokedollars. Finally, you can also grow your own Berries. We will see how this is done in the next section of the guide.

How to Grow Berries Pokemon BDSP

In order to grow Berries, you will need several things. These are – the Berry that you want to plant, a nice patch of soft soil to plant it in, and the Sprayduck item (a watering can). To plant the Berries, you can either buy them, get them from the NPCs giving them away for free, or purchase them. After that, go to the Flower Shop in Floaroma City and speak with a woman there. She will give you the Sprayduck, which you can use to water your Berries. The last thing you have to do then is to find some suitable soft soil to plant the Berries in. You will be able to easily tell this soil apart from other ground types in the game, since it a small patch of ground that is differently colored.

Every Berry grows at a different rate, but all Berries have the same five stages of growth. These are: just planted, sprouted, growing, blooming, and ripe. Of course, they can only be picked when they are ripe. You will need to water the soil from time to time to make sure that it is not too dry. If the soil is gray, that means that it is very dry and your planted Berries will produce fewer Berries. The best time to water it is when the soil is orange. Be sure to pick up the Berries before the entire growth process starts again.

Something that will make this process a lot easier to do and which you may not have necessarily been aware of, is that if you press the + button while you are on your map screen, this will bring up the locations of all the Berries which are ripe for picking. This will save you a lot of time you otherwise would have needed to spend to visit each Berry you planted.

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