Time Jumpers Cookie Run Kingdom - How to Use Time Jumper

The long-awaited Winter update for Cookie Run Kingdom is here. There have been several important additions in this update. This includes the Frost Queen Legendary Cookie, as well as the Cotton Epic Cookie. Another interesting new inclusion that came with this update is the Time Jumpers. These helpful items allow you to immediately clear any battle the player has already completed, which allows you to get the rewards for those battles without having to play through them again. You can employ them in any previously-finished battle in World Exploration (Story Mode and Dark Mode), Daily Bounties, Tower of Sweet Chaos, and Tropical Soda Islands. This Time Jumpers Cookie Run Kingdom – How to Use Time Jumper guide will tell you how to unlock and use them.

Time Jumpers Cookie Run Kingdom - How to Use Time Jumper

How to Get Time Jumpers – Cookie Run Kingdom

In order to unlock Time Jumpers in Cookie Run Kingdom, you will need to first clear Stage 4-1 in World Exploration. The most reliable way to earn these is via Balloon Expeditions while exploring Episode 8.

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How to Use Time Jumpers Cookie Run Kingdom

The in-game description for the Time Jumpers reveals a lot about them and their use: “The Time Jumper is the central part of the Time Balance Department’s Time Travel Machine. Use it to speed up completed battles.” Before you can use them, the World Explorations stages where you want to make use of them need to have all three stars earned. A good tactic for using this item is to skip tedious battles that you have already played through many times before.

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