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The best Cookie Run Kingdom Cotton cookie toppings are still a matter of some debate, since the cookie is brand-new. And, sure enough, there’s still some testing to be done before we truly know which toppings work the absolute best. That said, we can make some educated guesses, which I’m certain will be fairly on the money. So, we’ll share which toppings we think are best in our Cotton Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom guide.

cotton cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Cotton Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings for Cotton Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best toppings for Cotton cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, in our opinion, are five Swift Chocolate. This is because her skill, A Warm Light, sounds incredibly useful. Her lantern heals allies and increases the ATK of summoned creatures, plus she summons sheep that rush enemies, dealing damage and stunning them. Now, I assume that the lantern won’t make Cotton as much of a healer as Parfait, but it’s still gonna be handy. More important, however, is the summoning of extra troops and giving more ATK to all of them, possibly creating a sort of Zerg rush situation if you lower the skill cooldown sufficiently.

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That said, you can also throw in some Solid Almond in there, if you want to raise the cookie’s damage resistance and keep her on the battlefield for longer. That’s up to you to decide and experiment with. After all, the cookie is still new and nobody really knows what the best builds are. These are just the best Cookie Run Kingdom Cotton cookie toppings in our opinion. Please, feel free to share your preferred builds in the comments below. Get creative with it and see what you get!

So, that about wraps it up. If you need help with something else in the game, feel free to check out some of our other Cookie Run Kingdom guides. Among others, we’ve written articles like Red Velvet Cookie Toppings and How to Get & Where to Spend Mileage Points.

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