V Rising Beatrice the Tailor Location

In V Rising, we will encounter various powerful and ancient foes, the so-called V-Blood carriers. We will need to defeat them in order to become the ultimate Vampire Lord. Some of these bosses might be deceiving at first glance, such as Beatrice the Tailor. This charming but dangerous old lady will grant us the ability to take on a human form. If you don’t know where to find Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising, this guide will pinpoint for you the exact location.

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V Rising Beatrice the Tailor Location

Where to find Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising?

Like with most other V-Blood carries, the best way to find Beatrice the Tailor is by activating blood tracking for her via the Blood Altar. Simply interact with the Altar and find here page there, then click on the “Track Blood” button, and that’s it. Her scent will immediately appear for you to follow it. However, some players are still having trouble tracking her down. If you’re one of them, here’s where can you find her.

Beatrice is located in Dawnbreak Village. It is a small village in the southern parts of the Dunley Farms region. If you are entering from the Farbane Woods, it’s next to the eastern crossing between these two regions. Beware, as you will be entering the village as a vampire, the guards there will attack you on sight. When it comes to Beatrice, despite her being a level 38 boss, she will not fight back at all. Rather, she will run away from you.

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor Location
Beatrice can be found walking around the Dawnbreak Village.

Thus, the only real threat here are the guards, dogs, and other potential foes that will not like you attacking an old lady. The core strategy here is simply to have as much DPS as possible, in order to kill her as quickly as you can. She will constantly run away from you, which can alert other potential enemies to attack you. Finish her as quickly as possible to minimize any potential combat. Once you defeat her, you will be able to transform into a human. This will allow you to roam human settlements without being attacked and an ability to trade with human merchants.

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