Merge Mansion Hopeberry Jam, Hopeberry Basket

In our Merge Mansion Hopeberry Jam, Hopeberry Basket guide, we’ll explain how to get both of these items. They are both a part of the same event, and you need one in order to get the other. It’s all a bit confusing, and how you handle your resources will make all of the difference. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide and hopefully clear things up a bit. So, let’s see how to make jam in Merge Mansion, shall we?

merge mansion hopeberry jam hopeberry basket
Merge Mansion Hopeberry Jam, Hopeberry Basket

How to Get Hopeberry Jam & Hopeberry Basket in Merge Mansion

To get Hopeberry Jam and the Hopeberry Basket in Merge Mansion, you have to play the Hopeberry Festival 2022, which began on May 20th. The items are closely tied, so you can’t get the former without the latter. So, let’s begin with how to get a Hopeberry Basket. First off, you need to use the Hopeberry Bush Level 6 (it might also work on lower levels, let us know in the comments if that’s the case) to get the first level of the Hopeberry item, aka Hopeberry Trio. You then have to merge these to level 5, which is the Basket. The chain goes like this: Trio > Bunch > Platter > Goblet > Basket. The Basket drops the first level of Hopeberry Jam – the Syrup.

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Keep in mind that, when you get Level 1 of Hopeberry Jam from the Hopeberry Basket in Merge Mansion, the Basket will revert to Level 4, the Goblet. So, to get more Syrup, you have to merge up to the Basket again. Manage your resources appropriately. And while we’re on the subject, be sure to convert some of the berries you get from the Bushes into Seeds, so that you can grow more Hopeberries. Anyways, merging two Syrups to level 2 grants you the Hopeberry Cordial. The next and final level is the Hopeberry Jam, and that’s how you make it. So, it’s pretty complicated, all things concerned; not just in terms of the item chains being obtuse, but in handling resources being tricky. I wish you the best of luck.

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  1. L

    so what does one do with the jam and the baskets? I’ve got gobs of them, but nothing else

    1. T

      So far the only use I’ve found for the Jam is to use with the Oven to make a Hopeberry Pie. There may be other uses, as I’m not too far in, but that’s been it so far.

  2. D
    Denise Bostick

    The Hopeberry event is over, so where do I get my decorations?

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