V Rising Explosives, How to Get & Use

Knowing how to make explosives in V Rising is essential if you want to make any progress. The latest game from Stunlock Studio is a blend of action MMORPG and survival game, coated with a vampire theme. And just like in any survival game, you’ll need those precious resources in order to make better gear and upgrade your base. However, those large rocks of ore are not going to mine themselves. In order to extract them, you’ll need explosives. Here’s how to get and use Explosives in V Rising.

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V Rising Explosives, How to Get & Use

How to Get & Use Explosives in V Rising

Like many other tools in V Rising, explosives are not available from the get-go. Rather, you’ll first need to defeat Clive the Firestarter. He’s one of the main bosses in the game, the so-called V-Blood carriers which you’ll find by using your Blood Altar. He’s a level 30 Boss, so make sure to be appropriately equipped for that fight. Once you beat him, you’ll unlock the Alchemy Table. This crafting station is where you will be able to craft explosives. In order to make a bundle of explosives, you’ll need to put the following ingredients into the input slot of the Alchemy Table:

  • 8 x Sulphur
  • 8 x Planks
  • 4 x Whetstone

This will net you one Minor Explosive Box. Read our Whetstone guide in order to learn how to get it. When it comes to Sulphur, this material is also rather easy to find, but the best place to look is where you’ve defeated the aforementioned Clive the Firestarter. That place is rife with Sulphur. For planks, you’ll need a Sawmill to craft planks from wood. Once you acquire explosives, things will become much easier in general, as you will be able to get more metals in a shorter period of time. And that means more resources to develop your base and gear.

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