V Rising Library Floor

While V Rising is a lot more action-oriented than most other Survival games, it still features the same core gameplay and systems inherent in the Survival game genre. As such, apart from, well, trying to survive, you will also spend a lot of time in V Rising battling other creatures and crafting better gear. Though, sometimes it won’t be very apparent what you need to do to get some things. Take the Library Floor as an example. Different floor types in V Rising will get you a 25% reduced production time if you build the corresponding structures there. Here’s how you can get the Library Floor in V Rising.

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V Rising Library Floor

How to Get Library Floor in V Rising

The first thing you will need to do here is to find and kill Nicholaus the Fallen. He is a powerful Level 37 V Blood Carrier. To do this, click on your Blood Altar and scroll down until you find the entry for this boss. Then, turn on the “Track Blood” option there, which will lead you straight to him. Make sure that you are prepared for this fight. Once you have defeated him and consumed his blood, you will get several rewards for doing so – including the Study. You will need the following materials to build it: x40 Paper, x40 Plank, x8 Copper Ingot, and x8 Grave Dust.

After you have built the Study, you can then use it. Its function is to unlock random technologies. Doing this is going to cost you x75 Scrolls per every technology you unlock this way. Though, since this is completely random, there’s no guarantee when you will get the Library Floor itself. Still, this is the only reliable method to get this that we have discovered so far. If you have found any other way to get the Library Floor, please share it with us in the comments.

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    Hey, the specific floors give you a 25% bonus in production cost, not time. The time reduction comes from your building being in a closed room 🙂

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