Valorant New Agent Chamber Release Date & Abilities

The Valorant new agent Chamber release date and abilities have been revealed, but it seems like the launch of the new character seems to have been delayed. Rather than releasing together with Episode 3 Act 3 of Valorant, he will instead arrive to the game two weeks later. Still, that shouldn’t stop us from knowing more about him, so let’s dive into some of the details.

valorant new agent chamber release date & abilities
Valorant New Agent Chamber Release Date & Abilities

Valorant Agent Chamber Release Date

The release date of the new Valorant agent Chamber is Tuesday, November 16th. That’s when patch 3.10 is slated to drop, and the agent will be a part of it. Episode 3 Act 3 of Valorant, including the accompanying battle pass, will come out on November 2nd as was originally planed. So, you’ll have plenty of time to grind the new content and unlock the new cosmetics and other stuff while you wait for Chamber to arrive. Now, you might be wondering, will Chamber be worth the wait? Well, that depends on what kind of character you like to play as. So, let’s find out more about what he does, shall we?

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Valorant Agent Chamber Abilities

The abilities of the new Valorant Agent Chamber sound like a lot of fun. He seems to be all about speed, trapping enemies, and doing some great amounts of damage. You can see all his skills and what they do in the list below.

  • Headhunter – Equips a heavy pistol. With the pistol equipped, use alt fire to aim down sights.
  • Rendezvous – Places two teleport anchors. Reactivate when on the ground and in range of one anchor to teleport to the other anchor. You can pick up anchors and redeploy them.
  • Trademark – Places a trap down. Once a visible enemy comes into range, the trap destabilizes the terrain and slows them down.
  • Tour de Force – Summons an incredibly strong sniper rifle that kills an enemy with just one direct hit. On top of that, killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows people down if they enter it.
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