Valorant New Bundle - Nunca Olvidados Skins Prices

Volarant is getting a new skin bundle – the Nunca Olvidados. These colorful Mexican-themed skins are inspired by the traditional Día de Los Muertos holiday, better known as the Day of the Dead to all English speakers. Appropriately, all the cosmetics are painted in vibrant colors, full of the usual trappings associated with this celebration of the afterlife. Art lead Sean Marino said of the bundle: “The main goal was for the skins to feel beautiful and culturally accurate. Taking inspiration from a number of artists, we made sure to use imagery and colors that accurately represent the holiday.” If you are interested in getting this bundle, our Valorant New Bundle – Nunca Olvidados Skins Prices guide is here to tell you everything you should know about it, including which skins are part of it, and how much all of this will cost you.

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Valorant New Bundle - Nunca Olvidados Skins Prices

Nunca Olvidados Valorant – New Skin Bundle

The Nunca Olvidados Valorant bundle consists of the following cosmetic items: Vandal, Catrina Melee, Frenzy, Ares, and Bulldog. Besides these, you will also get a player card. This player card will have Reyna on it, depicted in the traditional Día de Los Muertos garments and makeup. The cosmetics come in two variants: Day and Night. The Day variant has warmer colors, being predominantly orange and red. The Night is, of course, colder, with darker blues and purples. These two variants will switch depending on where you are and the lighting of that location. art

Valorant Bundle Prices – Nunca Olvidados

The Nunca Olvidados belongs to the Deluxe skin tier with melee category. This means that these skins cannot be upgraded. The complete cost for the entire bundle is 5,100 VP (Valorant Points). If you prefer, you can also purchase each weapon skin individually. Every gun costs 2,175 VP, and the melee is 2,550 VP. This is set to release along with the newest Valorant Patch 3.08 on October 20th.

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