Weapon Skins Back 4 Blood - How to Get Skins

Getting weapon skins in Back 4 Blood is significant only in the sense that it’s always fun to have fancy cosmetics in multiplayer games. These don’t change how the weapon acts in any way, just their appearance. And let’s face it, if you’re gonna be slaying tons of Ridden, you might as well look cool while you’re doing it. So, in our Weapon Skins Back 4 Blood – How to Get Skins guide, we’ll explain how to unlock weapon cosmetics in the game.

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weapon skins back 4 blood how to get skins
Weapon Skins Back 4 Blood – How to Get Skins

How to Get Weapon Skins in Back 4 Blood

To get weapon skins in Back 4 Blood, you can either purchase them through Supply Lines or complete specific Accomplishments. Well, you’ll kinda have to do both if you want to unlock all the weapon skins, but you can focus on just one or the other, depending on which skin you’re trying to acquire. That said, we’re gonna cover both “methods” here, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

First off, the Supply Lines. You can access them by opening the menu and going to the Supply Lines tab. In there, you spend your hard-earned supply points that you get by completing campaign missions in multiplayer. Every so often, you can unlock a weapon skin as you purchase Supply Line items. However, the problem is that you can’t skip levels in the Supply Lines, meaning that you have to purchase every item that comes before the one you want. So, if you’re after Back 4 Blood weapon skins that are locked in the Supply Lines, you might have to grind a spend a lot of points.

As for Accomplishments, these are special challenges that you can complete in order to unlock various things, including weapon and character skins. As far as we know, you have to play the game in multiplayer to do these Accomplishments, and these can vary greatly. For example, getting the ZWAP outfits requires you to complete the entire campaign on Nightmare difficulty with the character you want to unlock the outfit for. So, just find the Accomplishments list in the game and check what each of them unlocks to see if there are any skins that tickle your fancy.

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