Vampyr Best Skills To Upgrade - Where to Invest XP

There’s a fair number of skills in Vampyr. Like in any RPG, investing XP in different Vampyr skill trees is going to give you different powers. Most of them are different awesome vampiric abilities. The skills you choose to upgrade in Vampyr are going to depend on your preferences. However, some of them are going to be useful no matter what your style of play is. So, here are some best skills to upgrade in Vampyr.

Vampyr Best Skills To Upgrade - Where to Invest XP
Vampyr Best Skills To Upgrade – Where to Invest XP

Best Skills to Upgrade in Vampyr

The best skills to upgrade in Vampyr will depend quite a bit on your style of play and how you’re roleplaying, like in any other RPG. What skills you want to invest in is going to vary on whether you play more aggressively or passively, are you trying to be the good guy pacifist or a genocidal villain. However, there are some universally good XP investments in Vampyr, so here goes.

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The absolutely best skill to invest in, definitely at the start, is Stamina. You want to be able to attack and dodge, and you’re going to want to have the Stamina to support that. As far as health goes, you can invest into Body Condition, if you want, at least a bit. However, you definitely want to get Autophagy, which allows you to heal yourself for a fairly small amount of Blood. The more you level it, the better it gets.

Another potentially useful skill to have is Blood Barrier, which creates a wall of blood which can take up to several hits, depending on how far you upgrade it. For crowd control, you might want to consider Coagulation, but that’s up to you. On the attack side of things, Claws are probably the best of the bunch. Shadow Mist can be amazing, but not very applicable when you’re in the thick of it. That being said, it can do a fantastic amount of damage on all enemies in an area, so it’s great when used cautiously. Bloodspear is also great at range. Really, all of these are useful in their own right.

As far as Ultimate skills go, really, you want to invest in Blood Cauldron and/or Abyss. Out of the two, Blood Cauldron is probably the best, because it deals a bunch of damage plus causes an explosion which will knock all enemies in the area off-balance. As far as the rest of the skills go, it’s up to your discretion. A word of advice on Shadow Veil, though. It’s awesome to be invisible and stealthy, but later in the game, basically every enemy can see you. It’s like investing a bunch of points in Obfuscate in Vampire The Masquerade and then getting screwed over at the end. I will never stop being salty about that.

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