Vampyr Wrong Target Citizen Quest - Where to Find Spies for Thelma

Wrong Target is one of the citizen quests in Vampyr. This investigation involves talking to Thelma Howcraft, one of the patients of Pembroke hospital, and helping her with an issue. She seems convinced she’s being followed, and you’ll need to find the spies. Some players are having trouble doing so, which is why we’ve written this Vampyr Wrong Target investigation guide.

vampyr wrong target citizen quest
Vampyr Wrong Target Citizen Quest – Where to Find Spies for Thelma

Find out who is spying on Thelma

After talking to Thelma in the hospital, you’ll discover she’s a deluded patient who thinks she’s a vampire. Unlike you, she actually isn’t. That’s not what’s bothering, though – she thinks she’s being spied on. Dr. Vamp will instantly make the connection with Priwen hunters, quickly deciding he should actually look into these supposed spies.

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Where to find Thelma’s spies?

If you open up the map, you’ll see the marker pointing to the block northeast from the hospital. If you exit through the western gate, go north up the street. When you reach the tent, go past it to the left instead of following the road. Follow the river until you find an open door. Enter the building and climb the stairs. You’ll have to fight a couple of Priwen thugs there, so be ready.

Afterwards, you’ll have to find their command post in Whitechapel. It’s pretty easy to find – just follow the marker into Whitechapel, and make sure you’ve killed them all. There’s one in the house, up on the first floor, and you’ll have to deal with him as well if you want to complete the investigation. Once you’ve dealt with these guys, you just need to go back to the hospital and inform Thelma she doesn’t have to worry about being followed anymore. That’s not going to stop her, but you will have done what you could.

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    There’s a very important detail of this quest that’s left out of this guide: the level discrepancy that happens halfway through it. If you’re doing side missions as you play through – rather than going back and cleaning up – then odds are you’re around level 6-7 when you start Thelma’s investigation. The two thugs you initially find in the building across the street were levels 6 and 7 for me, I was 7 at the time. When I went across the bridge into Whitechapel, the vampire sense told me that the nearest Skal (the one up on the ledge) was level 18. He would’ve wiped the floor with me. So make sure you keep an eye on enemy levels when you’re doing these optional investigations, because they don’t seem to scale with you and you could easily get destroyed.

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