Vampyr Hide & Seek Investigation - Where to Find Rodney Grader

Hide & Seek is an investigation in Vampyr. This citizen quest involves finding Rodney Grader and convincing him to go back to the docks. Finding him isn’t easy, as he’s hidden in a dead end you’re bound to miss, but even when you do, you might not be able to sway him. If you’re stuck on this side quest, keep reading our Vampyr Hide & Seek investigation guide, and we’ll show you how to complete it.

vampyr hide seek investigation where to find rodney grader
Vampyr Hide & Seek Investigation – Where to Find Rodney Grader

Where to find the man hiding in the sewers?

In order to find Rodney Grader in the sewers, you’ll first have to progress far enough into the main story. You’ll have to defeat Fergal, the beefy shadow boss in the sewer. Afterwards, follow the blood trail to the Skal camp. Old Bridget will tell you where to find Hariet. After you talk to her, exit the room and Bridget will appear again. Talk to her again, then take the stairs on the right. Turn right at the bottom, then right again into the tunnel. You’ll see a masked man in a dead-end part of the tunnel. That’s Rodney, the one you’re supposed to save.

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How to convince Rodney to go back to the docks?

You’ll need to pick the right conversation options in order to convince Rodney to go back to his home. But before those options are unlocked, you’ll need to visit and search Enid’s house at the Docks. Once you’ve done that, go to him, start talking and ask him to evacuate. He’ll object, and you need to tell him he can’t stay here forever. He’ll agree without making a fuss, but will warn you that should anything happen to him, his blood will be on your hands. This is when the investigation will conclude.

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