Days Gone PlayStation 4 Exclusive Release Date Announced

Days Gone, the upcoming PlayStation 4 zombie survival exclusive, finally has a release date. According to a recently revealed trailer, the game’s launch date is going to be February 22nd, 2019. More details will certainly come out during PlayStation’s slot at E3 2018.

Days Gone PlayStation 4 Exclusive Release Date Announced
Days Gone PlayStation 4 Exclusive Release Date Announced

I don’t know whose idea it was originally to mix up Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, but whoever it was probably has a future hit on their hands. Days Gone, as this unlikely but undoubtedly awesome-sounding and entirely overly gritty mash-up is known, will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Sorry, PC and Xbox players, you have State of Decay 2 for your zombie survival needs. The first time the gaming community got a whiff of Days Gone was at E3 2016. Now, two years later, we finally know when the game is going to come out. The launch date for Days Gone is going to be February 22nd, 2018. Presumably, Sony is still keeping further details under wraps for this year’s E3.

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So, what exactly is Days Gone? Well, like I’ve described above, it’s pretty much a mix of The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy in concept, with a tasteful sprinkling of Mad Max for flavor. Basically, you’ll be in the shoes of a biker duo that’s trying to survive a world in which literally everything is out to kill them. Or, as the not-at-all dramatic tagline of the game puts it: “This world comes for you.” The threats include a psychopathic biker gang called Rippers that have a bounty on the duo’s head, mountain lions, bears, ravens, wolves, and, of course, the hordes of the living dead. And, among all that, there’s also the problem of running out of gas. Can you taste that grit? Can you feel it grinding your teeth down? I know I can.

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