Vampyr How to Use Guns - Get, Equip & Reload

Guns are a type of weapon in Vampyr. The term encompases all kinds of firearm, which you’ll need to use to complement your melee weapons. There’s some variety to the game’s guns, but a number of players are having trouble using them. This guide is going to show you how to use guns in Vampyr, how to obtain, equip and reload them.

vampyr how to use gun
Vampyr How to Use Gun – Get, Equip & Reload

How to use firearms in Vampyr?

In order to use a gun, you’ll first have to acquire one. You’ll get your first pistol, a revolver, during the early hours of the main story. There will be more opportunities to get other ranged weapons down the line, as well. Once you have it, make sure you equip it in the secondary slot in your character screen. It’s not a main weapon, so don’t try to place it in the wrong slot.

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Once it’s equipped, you just need to switch to it with the press of a button (on PC, it’s either Z or C). Using the same button again will return it to the holster and pull out your primary weapon. It’s as simple as that. You might get the urge to reload after shooting a couple of bullets. Don’t be alarmed, but there’s no way to reload manually. The weapon will reload automatically once you’ve spent the entire “magazine” – in the case of the revolver, the six bullets that fit in the barrel.

However, don’t expect to get as much use from the guns as you do from melee weapons. They’re meant for the secondary slot for a reason – ammo is scarce, so you won’t be able to rely on them as much as you will on the various blunt and sharp objects found around the disease-ridden slums of London.

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