Vampyr Missing Ingredients Investigation How to Make Strickland Medicine

Missing Ingredients investigation is a side quest in Vampyr. One of the steps is to craft a new formula of Strickland’s medicine. That will require you to gather certain ingredients, and craft the medicine. The problem is that you have to use a specific table, not the one you normally craft at. Since it’s a little obtuse, here’s how to make Strickland medicine in Vampyr Missing Ingredients investigation.

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Vampyr Missing Ingredients Investigation How to Make Strickland Medicine
Vampyr Missing Ingredients Investigation How to Make Strickland Medicine

How to Craft Strickland Medicine in Missing Ingredients Vampyr Investigation?

To craft the new medicine for doctor Strickland in Vampyr, you’ll first need the three ingredients. You’ll have to gather one unit of sodium hypochlorite, one unit of potassium permanganate, and six units of ferrous tartrate. You can find them in the morgue, or just by scavenging through the open world. Once you have everything you need, you then have to take the ingredients to your medical desk in your office. This has caused some confusion. The desk in question is not your usual crafting desk. Instead, you have to use the desk right next to it, the one with all of the chemistry equipment. You can also apparently use the table in the morgue. Once you craft the placebo, you’ll then have the choice between bringing it to Strickland, or reporting him to Dr. Ackroyd. That’s up to you to decide.

This is the last step in the Missing Ingredients Investigation in Vampyr. The first step is to head over to the Docks area and find the pharmacy. However, you’ll instead run into a fairly tough boss fight against H.D. Griffin. He’s level 16, so you should probably make sure you’re a high enough level in order to tackle him. Once he and his cronies are dead, you should search the corpses around the pharmacy to find the list of ingredients in Strickland’s medicine, which will reveal that one of them is highly… inadvisable. The next step is to report back to Strickland, and that will trigger the above-described section.

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