Vampyr Trinkets & More Investigation - Barett Lewis' Box Location

Trinkets & More is one of the investigations in Vampyr. It’s a side quest that involves finding Barett’ Lewis’ box, then deciding what to do with the contents once you have it. Some things will change depending on your choice, so obviously, a number of players are hesitant to make the decision based on their gut feeling. If you’re having trouble finding the box or choosing who to give it to, read on and our Vampyr Trinkets & More quest guide will help you.

Where to find Barett Lewis’ box?

If you select the investigation in your quest log, it will mark a certain warehouse in the north of Whitechapel on your map. When you enter, you’ll notice a monster on your left. You can try to sneak past it, but it’s easy to kill. Look up and to the right, and you’ll see a ledge you can teleport to. Once you’re up there, look up and to the left, and you’ll see another ledge. Teleport there as well, and you’ll find a dead body next to some lanters and the box you were looking for.

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Barett Lewis’ box bug

There’s a bug that makes you pick up the box without the game registering it. If this happens to you, you’ll end up in a limbo of sorts, not being able to complete the objective even though you’ve completed the objective. Make sure to backup your save file before you pick up the box. If you’ve already experienced this bug and don’t have a backup, you’ll either have to wait for a patch, or abandon the quest.

Give the box and letter to Joe Peterson or Barett Lewis?

Inside the box, you’ll find a letter adressed to Barret Lewis. It’s from Jane, Joe Peterson’s wife. It turns out she was having an affair with Barett, but decided to break it off. It’s saucy news, that’s for sure. Scandalous, even.

If you bring the box to Barett, he’ll give you a small bag of junk and 50 shillings, as well as unsolicited advice about minding your own business. If you press things further (select personal question, then ask about the affair), you’ll learn a few more details, but nothing crucial.

If you bring the box to Joe, you’ll get 25 shillings as a reward, and nothing substantial will happen (thanks Lirash!)

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  1. L

    Give the box to Joe rewards you with 25 shillings, there are no other consecuences. Just give the box to Barret since the reward is better.

    1. K

      Thanks for letting us know!

  2. X

    Word is,if you give box to Joe than he will go inside the house and you’ll be able to watch the scene from window and get a final hint about Harry but I can’t confirm it.

    1. X

      Well,today i can actually confirm it.Did this and Joe went to see his son.All the clues and dialogue options(blue ones) are unlocked for them.

      1. K

        How long did it take after giving the box to Joe for him to go talk to his son? I got less of a reward and Joe is just standing there I did find out that Joe isn’t Harry’s father but other then that nothing else happened.

        1. X

          Couple of minutes…i know it’s a bit annoying to wait for this event to occur,but it will happen for sure.

  3. S

    I had teh glitch and all you have to do is go to your inventory and select the ‘small box’ and it updated it to show the next step. This worked for me, don’t know if it will work for anyone else though,

    1. X

      It’s not a glitch-that’s how you obtain a clue(just like with other documents)

    2. P

      I did the same thing, I was literally about to comment about it, saying all you gotta do is go into quest items and read the small box section

  4. A

    You don’t need to deliver the box to Joe for the hint, it comes around on it’s own eventually, so you have the choice of 25g or 50g and some junk.

  5. H

    @XXX, Actually giving the box to joe does not trigger this scene. Asking his son to let you inside and going up to their bedroom and taking his job refusal letter, reading it and telling his son about it does, because the whole scene is about joe supposedly extorting others (his job with the gang) because he cares for his son and wants the best for him.

  6. J
    Jordan Rittenhouse

    So, the whole box glitch is based on if you have found the box before actually getting the quest first. Finding the box first will trigger the glitch most of the time. This can also be true for a lot of the other quest items. The only thing you have to do is, open up whichever quest item in your inventory to trigger the Quest/Hint (Yes, you can get bugged from hints as well I can confirm.) But as long as you’re willing to go through all the quest items you have, You might be surprised to find some potential hidden hints for the Characters.

  7. D

    The trinket box is not a glitch. Please correct your article. I found the box and went back to Barret but there was no way to give him the box. I Googled and found your article and assumed I would have to abandon the side quest. But after examining all my inventory letters and notes to refresh my memory of the complex story, I triggered another dialog about the box and Barrett. It’s easy to get lost in the action.
    You can’t give the box to Barrett Lewis until you investigate the box in your inventory and ready the letter about his affair with Joe’s wife. If you don’t read the letter, how can you make a choice to give it to him or not? There is no bug. Thanks!

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