Vampyr Night Shift Quest - How to Get Fatigue Treatment

Night Shift is one of the quests in Vampyr. It requires you to make a Treatment for Fatigue for Mortimer Goswick. Nurse Crane will give you the quest, and send you where you need to go. The problem is, this quest has some bugs that can mess your game up and block you from accessing some areas. With that in mind, we’ll show you how to complete Night Shift quest in Vampyr and how to fix some of the problems you might encounter.

Vampyr Night Shift Quest - How to Get Fatigue Treatment
Vampyr Night Shift Quest – How to Get Fatigue Treatment

How to Get Ingredients for Mortimer Fatigue Treatment – Night Shift Vampyr Quest?

All the ingredients you need to complete the Night Shift quest in Vampyr will be in the Old Morgue. After Nurse Crane sends you to the morgue, go to the upper floor, and you’ll find two ingredients up there – ferrous tartrate and quinine. The sodium hypochlorite is in the basement, but you’ll have to fight a boss in there, so be prepared for a scuffle. Basically, just follow the markers on the map, and you’ll get everything you need. After you get everything you need, head over to a crafting table and make the Treatment for Fatigue. Then, find nurse Crane and deliver her the goods.

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How to Solve Ferrous Tartrate Bug in Night Shift Quest?

For the quest to track your ferrous tartrate, you have to find the specific stash in the Old Morgue. For some reason, it appears that the quest just doesn’t track all the ferrous tartrate you’ve collected so far. Whether that’s a glitch or just sloppy programming, it doesn’t matter. Point is, you have to get the ferrous tartrate from the Morgue. Climb the stairs to the first floor and go into the room immediately to the right of the stairs.

Old Morgue Basement Key Not Spawning in Vampyr Night Shift Quest

Some players have been having trouble with the Night Shift quest, with the key to the Old Morgue basement not spawning. This happens if you’ve managed to cure Mortimer using the Fatigue treatment before triggering the quest itself. That will completely block access to the basement, where you can find some unique items and resources. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to start the game over, or load a previous save, if you have one. Hopefully, the developers will fix this in a future patch. In the meantime, try and stay on the railroad. Kinda renders the open world aspect moot, but at least you’ll be somewhat safer from these issues.

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  1. L

    I accidentally crafted the wrong thing and used the ferrous tartrate and now I can’t find anymore. I am stuck and don’t know what to do??? Anyone help?

    1. S

      Following. I’ve done the same. Looks like I’m starting over as not found out how to rectify this =(

    2. I
      Ilya Kupriyanov

      Just get back to the morgue a little bit later afterwards, and you can loot it from the scalds.

    3. J

      You can buy more from RAKESH CHADANA for 15 shillings each

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