Van 135 Valorant Error Code Fix

The Valorant Van 135 Error Code fix is a matter of some contention among the game’s fan base. By that, I mean most people don’t know how to fix the issue when it does crop up, and honestly, it’s not their fault. The Valorant support website doesn’t have a single word on Van 135. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to fix Van 135 in Valorant, and we’ll show them to you in this guide.

van 135 valorant error code fix
Van 135 Valorant Error Code Fix

Valorant Van 135 Error Fix

The only real fix for the Valorant Van 135 error is to, first of all, try and restart both your PC and the Riot client. For the most part, this fixes the issue of a lot of people. If it still persists, though, don’t worry, we’re not done. The second thing you should try is to completely uninstall both Valorant and, more importantly, Riot Vanguard. After you’ve completed that, the next step is to do a fresh reinstall of both Vanguard and Valorant. This seems to fix the Van 135 Error for most players, and I’m pretty sure that it’ll work for you, too.

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If the steps we’ve laid out above don’t work for you, though, then you’re in a bit of trouble. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of official workaround; in fact, I couldn’t find the error listed on Valorant’s support website. So, if our Valorant Van 135 error fix doesn’t work for you, the best (and only) advice I can give you is to contact Riot Support and submit a bug report. Other than that, there’s not much you can do. If you do know of any other fix, let us know in the comments.

That should about do it for this guide. If there’s some other error that might be pestering you in Valorant, we’ve got a couple of other guides you can check out. For example, we’ve written Error 39 Fix, Queue Disabled Error Fix, and many more.

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