Beneath The Endless Night Books - Season Of The Splicer Secret Triumph - Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of The Splicer lets players acquire the Splicer Title by completing certain Triumphs. There are 10 of these Triumphs, including two Secret ones (namely: Daybreak and Brute Force). The issue is that the Nocturne Triumph requires 10 Beneath The Endless Night Books and currently there are only 9 of these available in the game. Naturally, this has fans wondering what they need to do in order to get the last one. In this Beneath The Endless Night Books – Season Of The Splicer Secret Triumph – Destiny 2 guide, we will go over all of these Triumphs, including the Nocturne one, and explain what you need to do in order to complete each one.

Beneath The Endless Night Books - Season Of The Splicer Secret Triumph - Destiny 2

How To Get Beneath The Endless Night Books

You gather Beneath The Endless Night Books by doing story missions. Currently, only nine of these are available. You get the first eight fairly easily and the ninth was made available yesterday, June 29th. To get this book, defeat the Boss of that story mission. Dataminers have come to the conclusion that the tenth and final book (“X – MEMORIAL”) will become available July 13th as a Secret Triumph in the We Are Enough – Witness the final events of the Season of the Splicer quest. So, right now the only option is to wait until this becomes available. Only then will you be able to complete this Triumph.

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Season Of The Splicer Secret Triumph

As we said, there are 10 Triumphs you need for the Splicer Title, two of which are Secret. Most of these are pretty straightforward. The biggest issue with completing them is the time-gated content, since you will have to wait until the story progresses, week by week, until you can finish them. With that being said, here is a list of all the Triumphs and how they can be completed.

Walk The True Path

The Walk The True Path Triumph requires you to complete all eight Path of the Splicer quests. Every week, you can pay a visit to the Splicer Servitor to get a new version of this quest. It is important to note that you should finish this before the new season begins on August 24th.

Power in Your Hands

To complete Power in Your Hands, you will need to fully unlock all the Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades. There are 21 of these and they all cost Decrypted Data. The upgrades are divided into three tiers – Tier One (100 Decrypted Data), Tier Two (300 Decrypted Data), and Tier Three (500 Decrypted Data). In total, it costs 6,300 Decrypted Data to unlock all of these. Decrypted Data is earned by completing Seasonal Challenges and Override & Expunge Missions.


Currently, the Nocturne Triumph cannot be completed because we are still missing the tenth and final Beneath The Endless Night Book. Going by information glimpsed through data mining, it looks like this will be part of the We Are Enough – Witness the final events of the Season of the Splicer quest, presumably the epilogue of the season.

Modded Out

For Modded Out, you will need to collect seven Season of the Splicer mods. This requires you to reach Rank 10 with Splicer Servitor at the H.E.L.M. In turn, this is done by earning Decrypted Data. You can earn Decrypted Data when you complete Seasonal Challenges and Override & Expunge Missions. Each Mod costs ten Mod Components.

Splicer’s Armament

The Splicer’s Armament is part of the “Sacred Fusion” quest. It is tied to the Null Composure Seasonal Weapon quest. Speak with Banshee-44 and follow the objectives of the quest in order to complete this.

Daybreak – Secret Triumph

Daybreak is a Secret Triumph. To finish this, you will need to Defeat the source of the Endless Night. Complete the final Expunge mission – Expunge: Delphi, to complete it.

Short Circuiter

Short Circuiter is another easy – though grindy – one, all you need is to defeat enemies using Season of the Splicer weapons. These include: Farewell, Gridskipper, Ignition Code, and Shattered Cipher. This Triumph has five tiers, so it will probably take some time.

Wire Cutter

Wire Cutter is the Triumph you earn by defeating Vex while you have Season of the Splicer armor equipped. Also known as the Lightkin set, you get it from Override Conflux Chests and Expunge missions. For each armor piece you are wearing, you will earn bonus progress.

Virtual Fighter

To complete the Virtual Fighter Triumph, you will have to defeat 100 Champions in Override. Yet another easy to do, but grindy in nature Triumph. Like Short Circuiter, completing this will also take time.

Brute Force – Secret Triumph

Brute Force is the second Secret Triumph. In order to complete it, you will need to defeat 30 Champions in Expunge. The majority of Expunge missions only spawn two Champions, meaning that this Triumph is also going to take a while to finish.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our Beneath The Endless Night Books – Season Of The Splicer Secret Triumph – Destiny 2 guide. As the Season Of The Splicer season draws to an end, you will be able to complete all of these Triumphs to earn yourselves the Splicer Title. If you followed our instructions, this should be made all the easier.

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