Vault Task Among Us - Unlock Airship Safe Task in Cargo Bay

Unlock the safe in Among Us Airship Cargo Bay is one of the tasks that you might have to complete on your misadventures. The vault task is a new one, specific to the Airship map, so there are people that are having trouble figuring out how to open the safe. It’s not too difficult, but does require some getting used to. With that in mind, we’ve put together our Vault Task Among Us – Unlock Airship Safe Task in Cargo Bay guide to hopefully help you out.

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vault task among us unlock airship safe task in cargo bay
Vault Task Among Us – Unlock Airship Safe Task in Cargo Bay

How to Unlock Safe in Cargo Bay Vault Task Airship Level

To unlock the safe in Among Us vault task in the Airship Cargo Bay, you first have to turn the dial on the left. The little note in the corner will show you the direction and number you need to turn it to. So, for example, if it shows you 4 and the arrow points to the right, you have to turn the dial to the right (or clockwise) until the number four is on top. Once that’s done, the second number and direction will appear, and then a third one. When you solve all three, let go of the dial and turn the large wheel until the task is done.

That’s how you complete the Among Us Vault task in the Cargo Bay in the Airship level. It’s one of the new tasks added in the latest update, and it’s not too difficult to pull off, once you know what to do. Sure, it does require precision and leaves you very open to murder, but I’ll take this one over Simon Says or the dang weather nodes from Polus any day of the week.

Now that the Airship update is finally out, there are some problems that people are encountering. For example, there’s the mysterious Among Us GoogleAuthNoToken error that pops up those of you trying to sign in on Android devices. Those problems are going to go away eventually, of course, so just be patient.

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