Wacky Wizards KSI Ingredient - Potion 156

Wacky Wizards KSI ingredient for Potion 156 is a secret ingredient that you need to make the hidden Potion. The trouble is that this ingredient is very hard to find if you don’t know where to look. It’s definitely not just out in the open; you’ll have to do some flying in areas you’d never think to look in. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you how to get the KSI ingredient and make Potion 156.

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wacky wizards ksi ingredient potion 156
Wacky Wizards KSI Ingredient – Potion 156

How to Get KSI Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

To get the Wacky Wizards KSI ingredient in Wacky Wizards and make Potio 156, the first order of business is to craft any kind of flying potion. As is the case with the Kaden ingredient, any such potion will do fine. We went with the Flybux potion (Robux + Bird), but you can also use the Mermaid potion (Fish + Fairy), the Broom potion (Fairy + Witch’s Brew), or whatever else is the easiest for you. Drink the flying potion and head over to the volcano. You not only need to reach the volcano, but fly behind it. Near the top, you’ll find a ledge with KSI’s tombstone. In front of it is what seems to be a bunch of hair. That’s the KSI ingredient, so pick it up and go back to your cauldron.

Now you can craft Potion 156, which actually turns your character into KSI. The hair is the only thing you need to make the brew, so make sure that your cauldron is empty. Once it is, Put the Wacky Wizards KSI ingredient in and make Potion 156 as you would any other. Drink it to become an avatar of the famous YouTuber. If you’re having problems finding the ingredient, or can’t figure out how to make the potion, feel free to check out our video below. You’ll find all the visual assistance you need right there.

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