Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations

Queepie locations in Psychonauts 2 are usually hard-to-find places where your brother hides after you start the side quest. There are six different locations that you’ll have to find Queepie in, which is much easier said than done. Sure, you can listen for his boombox playing to get a hint for where to find Queepie, but still, it can get pretty hard. That’s why we’ll show you where to find Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations, all six of them, and also how to start the quest in the first place.

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psychonauts 2 queepie locations
Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations

Queepie Locations Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations are scattered all across the Questionable Area, and require some precise platforming and use of abilities in order to reach them. To start this side quest, you need to progress through the game until you complete Act One. Head into the Aquato Family Camp and talk to Raz’s mother Donatella. Start with “Watcha doin’?” and exhaust all the dialogue options from there. Eventually, she’ll mention that Queepie has run off somewhere. That triggers the side quest. With all of that said, let’s get into the meat of the matter.

Queepie Location #1

The first Queepie location in Psychonauts 2 is just outside the Aquato camp grounds, next to the waterwheel. Specifically, you’re looking for a game of horseshoe with a giant noticeboard next to it, with a list of rules pinned to it. Queepie will be sitting on a rock next to the noticeboard, listening to the radio. Interact with him, and he’ll run off to the next location.

Queepie Location #2

The second location of Queepie is near the letter C on the map of the Questionable Area. You’re looking for a cave with a cardboard cutout of the Sassclops above it. Fortunately, the cave is hard to miss specifically due to the cutout. Go through the entirety of the cave, all the way to the top. Once there, you’ll see Queepie enjoying his music on a ledge.

Queepie Location #3

Go to the fast travel hatch next to the entrance into the Questionable Area and hop onto the stump next to it. Climb up the vines to reach a tightrope. To find the third Psychonauts 2 Queepie location, walk across it to the next tree and climb up the vines again. Walk along another tightrope and, when you reach the platform, look to the right. You’ll see Queepie vibing behind an arrow sign that says “Down.”

Queepie Location #4

The fourth Queepie location is above the public toilets on the left side of the Questionable Area, near Point B on the map. Make your way to the roof of the toilets, then jump onto the ladder leading up. Climb the vines until you reach the platform above, then walk across the rope to the next one. Find the pole and shimmy up it to the level above. Use the green mushroom-like bounce pad to reach the walkway where Queepie is.

Queepie Location #5

Queepie location #5 is very simple. Go to the parking lot of Questionable Area (point E on the map) to reach the Lumberstack Diner. There’s a rusted van in the parking lot right next to the diner. Use the van’s hood as a bounce pad to launch you onto the roof of the restaurant. You’ll easily spot Queepie when you get up there.

Queepie Location #6

The sixth and final of Queepie Locations in Psychonauts 2 is above the Sassclops cave. You can cheese this by heading to the ledge where Queepie’s second location was. Look left, and jump across the poles to the next platform. Then, hop up onto the rocks and keep moving to the right until you find the platform where Queepie is hiding.

The “right” way to do this is to use Pyrokinesis to light the big fire in the center of Aquato camp. Levitate to the walkways above and go right, to the platform with a bounce pad. Use it to reach another platform with a bounce pad. Keep following this general path until you grab onto a bar. Queepie should be right below you.

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