Wacky Wizards Secrets Update Ingredient Locations

The Wacky Wizards Secrets Update is here, and it has added six new ingredients, and every one of these can be found at a different location in the game. These new ingredients are: Axolotl, Void Star, Nexure’s Head, Fedora, Mariofly5’s Mask, and Nomer’s Head. Each of these can be found in a specific spot, and our Wacky Wizards Secrets Update Ingredient Locations guide will show you exactly how and where you can find each of them. To make this even easier, we have a compilation video down below, which we’ve broken up into segments for every ingredient.

Wacky Wizards Secrets Update Ingredient Locations

Wacky Wizards Axolotl Location

The first new ingredient is the Axolotl. You can find this by going in the lake. Dive in and you will locate this ingredient there at the bottom.

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Wacky Wizards Axolotl Location
Axolotl Location.

Void Star Ingredient Location Wacky Wizards

The second new ingredient is the Void Star. It’s located close to the first one, so go visit Dumpster Diver Dan. He is by the lake. Next to where he is sitting, you will be able to see and pick up the Void Star.

Void Star Ingredient Location Wacky Wizards
Void Star location.

Nexure’s Head Location Wacky Wizards

The next one, Nexure’s Head, is a bit harder to get. Go towards the big tree, the same one where the Queen Bee for which you had to get honey is. When you are in front of the tree, turn towards the hole in the cliff and go through there. You will see a house. Nexure’s Mask is hidden inside the big rock here.

Nexure's Head Location Wacky Wizards
Nexure’s Head location.

Fedora Ingredient Wacky Wizards

The Fedora is near the Goblin Village. Go to this location and you will find the Fedora on the ground behind one of the stone blocks there.

Fedora Ingredient Wacky Wizards
Fedora location.

Wacky Wizards Mariofly5’s Mask Location

Mariofly5’s Mask is also at this location. While the Fedora is behind the Goblin Village itself, the Mariofly5’s Mask is nearer to the entrance.

Wacky Wizards Mariofly5's Mask Location
Mariofly5’s Mask location.

Nomer’s Head Location Wacky Wizards

The sixth and final new ingredient, Nomer’s Head is in the Desert. It’s on top of one of the Cactuses there.

Nomer's Head Location Wacky Wizards
Nomer’s Head location.
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