Warframe Carmine Penta Location

Carmine Penta is a new grenade launcher in Warframe. It has been added to the game in an update a few days ago, and it can be found in the Corpus Proxima – that much is clear from the patch notes. It’s a variant of the Penta grenade launcher with increased rate of fire and a bigger magazine. The obvious benefits aside, everybody is looking to get their hands on one since it’s new and shiny. If you’re wondering where to find one, this guide will show you Warframe Carmine Penta location.

warframe carmine penta location
Warframe Carmine Penta Location

How to get Carmine Penta?

You can get the new Carmine Penta from the mystery loot drops found in Derelict Freightlinkers that appear in Pluto Proxima nad Veil Proxima Corpus Railjack missions. The process is simple – find a Derelict Freightlinker, go inside, follow the waypoints. You’ll get a mystery loot drop when hacking the console, but you won’t know what it is right away. Complete the mission, and once you extract, you’ll see what was in the box. It might not be the Carmine Penta, so you’ll probably have to do at least a few of them before you get the desired result.

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According to dataminers, there’s about a 6% chance of getting the main blueprint, with equal chances of getting the stock, barrel and receiver. This means potentially a whole lot of grinding, so make sure you’re ready for a serious commitment. Since it can fit 10 grenades in a magazine, and fire 2.7 of them each second (compared to the base version’s one), I’d say it’s worth the hassle.

And that’s pretty much it! If you want the Carmine Penta grenade launcher, just boot up the game, head to Pluto Proxima or Veil Proxima, and look for Derelict Freightlinkers. Complete them for the mysterious loot drops, then hope for the best.

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