Warframe Athodai Drop Location - Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver

Athodai is a new weapon that you can collect, piece by piece, in the newly-added Railjack missions. The question is, of course, where does one find the Athodai drops in Warframe. They don’t exactly grow on trees. Well, it turns out that you’ll have to have some luck, as you’ll have to get them as random drops. In our Warframe Athodai Drop Location – Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver guide, we’ll explain how the process works.

warframe athodai drop location blueprint barrel receiver
Warframe Athodai Drop Location – Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver

Where to Find Warframe Athodai Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver Drop Locations

To find the Athodai drop locations in Warframe, and collec the blueprint, barrel, and receiver, you’ll have to complete Railjack missions around Venus Proxima. Any of them will do – Falling Glory, Bifrost Echo, Vesper Strait, Beacon Shield Ring, Orvin-Haarc; take your pick. However, there is a catch. You actually have to complete one of the side objectives in the mission. Getting a Piloting Rank 5 will reveal hidden derelicts for you, making the process faster. Otherwise, just fly around until the game marks it for you.

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Either way, once you find the derelict, head straight for it. Make your way through, following the waypoint that the game helpfully provides. Fighting the enemies is relatively unimportant; you can just speed around them if you’re in a hurry. Anyways, at the end of the path, you’ll find a terminal that you’ll have to hack. It’s a simple matter of rotating the panels to form the shape; it’s pretty easy. After the hacking is complete, you’ll get a mystery RNG reward. Complete the rest of the mission to see what the reward is.

So, those are the Warframe Athodai drop locations. If you grind these missions enough, you’ll get the blueprint, barrel, and receiver. It’ll take some doing, since none of those items are guaranteed drops. At least these missions are generally quick to complete, so playing them over and over isn’t too painful. Good luck, and may the RNG gods be on your side.

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