Warframe Cryptographic Alu Farm - Razorback Cipher

Cryptographic Alu is a material in Warframe. You’ll need it if you want to craft the Razorback Cipher, which you will most definitely want to do if you’re interested in completing the Razorback Armada Invasion mission. If you’re wondering how to get Cryptographic Alu in Warframe, so you can craft the Razorback Cipher and bypass the security systems, this guide will show you exactly that.

warframe cryptographic alu farm razorback cipher
Warframe Cryptographic Alu Farm – Razorback Cipher

How to Get Cryptographic Alu in Warframe

The main reason you’ll need Cryptographic Alu is to deal with the Razorback Armada in Warframe. The security systems protecting the Razorback’s holding cell can be hacked with a Razorback Cipher, and the only way to get that is through crafting – for which you’ll need four Cryptographic Alu.

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The only way to get Cryptographic Alu is from enemies in the Corpus Archwing missions. These can be found on Neptune and Jupiter. For instance, the Galilea sabotage mission in Jupiter orbit is a great choice. It’s only corpus 15-20, and you can complete it relatively quickly. If you’re looking for a cryptographic alu farm, this might be your best bet. You won’t need more than two to three minutes to complete it, so it’s a quick and easy thing you can repeat.

Another good choice is the Salacia mission on Neptune. It’s a mobile defense mission, and it’s a bit harder – corpus 27-32, but it’s a worthwhile option too.

Once you’ve got the Cryptographic Alu, you’ll be able to craft the Razorback Cipher. When you’ve got the cipher, start the Razorback Armada mission, and when you reach the Razorback itself, you’ll be able to use the cipher in the control room to hack it and pull down the shields that are providing it with invulnerability. This will make it stagger, and allow you to do damage to it for a while.

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