Warframe Eximus Farming

Fighting Eximus enemies is the central part of the weekly Eximus Executioner challenge in Warframe. To complete the Eximus Executioner challenge, you need to kill 100 Eximus. These enemies can spawn pretty much anywhere, so you can technically complete the mission easily just by playing the game. However, there are certain activities and modes that spawn more Eximus. So, in our Warframe Eximus Farming guide, we’ll show you how best to farm Eximus.

warframe eximus farming
Warframe Eximus Farming

How to Farm Eximus in Warframe

To farm Eximus in Warframe, there are several modes that you can take part in, which can spawn a lot of these enemies in one go. One such mode is Sanctuary Onslaught (Elite Sanctuary Onslaught also works great). Keep in mind that this mode requires you to complete the “The New Strange” quest to unlock it. You can pick whichever difficulty best suits you, but remember that the Elite version spawns more Eximus.

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Another thing you can do is to go out on Sorties with the Eximus Stronghold modifier. Since this modifier is fairly common, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it. Sorties unlock after you’ve completed the “The War Within” quest. There’s also Arbitration Alerts, which spawn a ton of Eximus, and you can keep going and going as long as you survive.

One more option for Eximus farming in Warframe, which can work really well for new players, are Endless Missions like Defense and Survival. The further you go, the more Eximus you’re bound to encounter. Just make sure you find people that are looking to run Endless missions with you to mitiagte some of the difficulty.

Last, but not least, there’s The Void. Certain tiles can spawn a bunch of Eximus; the higher the difficulty, the better. Steel Paths don’t spawn any more of them than regular missions, so don’t make things overly hard for yourself for no reason.

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