Warframe How to Get a Sister of Parvos

The question of how to get a Sister of Parvos in Warframe has been popping up among the player base ever since the new update dropped. After all, these Sisters are kind of the central part of the whole experience. Well, the process is a bit complicated, but if you’re a Warframe regular and know about Kuva Lich, you’ll be familiar with the system. If not, well, here’s our Warframe How to Get a Sister of Parvos guide to help you out.

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warframe how to get a sister of parvos
Warframe How to Get a Sister of Parvos

How to Get a Sister of Parvos in Warframe

To get a Warframe Sister of Parvos, you first have to complete the Call of the Tempestarii quest and have at least one Zenith Granum Crown. Also, you can’t have a Kuva Lich active when attempting to get a Sister. Once you fulfill these requirements, it’s time to get to business. Enter the Granum Void via one of the Corpus Ship tilesets and find one of the big Golden Hand Tribute. Use the Zenith Granum Crown on it, and the game will send you to Parvos Granum’s pocket of the Void, where you’ll fight Errant Specters. Reach Rank 1, and you will summon a Sister.

When you return to the Corpus Ship, a Candidate will spawn somewhere in the level. Find it and down it, and the sister’s weapon will appear above them. They’re open to a Parazon Mercy kill if that’s the Sister you desire. If you Mercy kill the Candidate, a Sister will arise in the Origin System, and you become the Progenitor Warframe.

The next step to get a Sister of Parvos in Warframe is to go back to your Orbiter to reveal the name of the Sister, and she begins her reign over the Star Chat by influencing nodes as her own. Enter an influenced node and fight her hound to get a chance of the Sister spawning. The more you do this, the higher the chances of a Sister appearing. Eventually, she will retreat her Capital Ship within Railjack in the Neptune Proxima. Complete the Railjack and bring down the Sister when you’re ready.

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