Warframe Nautilus Sentinel Locations

Nautilus Sentinel is a new type of Sentinel in Warframe that you can get in the new update. It’s a pretty good Sentinel, too; it has some cool abilities. Of course, the main problem here is figuring out how to get the Nautilus Sentinel parts. Turns out, you have to grind them by completing specific Railjack missions. Almost as if the whole thing is designed to make you engage with the newly-added content. Whatever the case may be, in our Warframe Nautilus Sentinel Locations guide, we’ll show you exactly how farm for the new Sentinel.

warframe nautilus sentinel locations
Warframe Nautilus Sentinel Locations

Where to Find Nautilus Sentinel Locations in Warframe

To find Nautilus Sentinel locations in Warframe, you have to play through the newly-added Ice Mines Railjack missions. These missions appear around Neptune Proxima; for example, one of them is called “Nu-Gua Mines.” So, all you need to do is play through the mission until you reach a terminal that you have to hack by solving a simple puzzle. That will grant you a mystery reward. Continue through the Railjack “quest” until you complete it, which will reveal the reward. If the RNG gods are on your side, it will be one of the Nautilus Sentinel parts. If not, well, try and try again.

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Yeah, it’s one of those things where grinding is inevitable. You just have to keep replaying the Railjack missions in the Neptune Proxima Ice Mines until you get the Nautilus Sentinel. At least these are pretty fast to complete; they’re not too arduous, all things considered. The one thing that can be a problem is that the game tends to have some performance hiccups in the mines, so keep that in mind. Presumably, the developers are going to iron that out soon; they might already have by the time you read this. Just thought I should give you a heads-up, just in case.

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