Animal Crossing Nook Points New Currency

Nook Points are a new currency coming to New Horizons any day now. This has been confirmed by the game’s official Twitter, and, needless to say, has raised a number of questions among the fan base. I’m talking the usual questions, like how do I get Nook Points, how do I spend them, etc. Well, we’ll be answering those in our Animal Crossing Nook Points New Currency guide.

animal crossing nook points new currency
Animal Crossing Nook Points New Currency

How to Get New Nook Points Currency in Animal Crossing

To get the new currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons, called Nook Points, you have to use the NookLink app. To do that, download the Nintendo Online app on your smart device. Make sure to link it up with your Nintendo account. Open the app and find the ACNH icon, then click on it. After you’ve opened the NookLink “phone”, click on the Nook Points “app” in the bottom left, aka the green leaf icon. Now, simply tap the “Get my points!” bar, and you’re good to go! You can repeat the process once a day, and that’s how you earn Nook Points.

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How to Spend Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Points

To spend the Nook Points in Animal Crossing New Horizons, follow the same steps you’ve taken to enter the Nook Points “app.” So, go into the Nintendo Online app, tap the ACNH icon, and, once NookLink is opened, tap “Nook Points.” In this screen, just below your total Points score, you’ll find the “Redeem for Items.” From there, you’ll see a list of items that you can purchase, and how much they cost. At the time of writing, the only confirmed item is a Nook Inc. poster. Of course, there’ll be a ton of other stuff to buy, but more on that later.

When Are Nook Points Coming to New Horizons?

We don’t have a set date for when Nook Points will appear in New Horizons. All we know about the new Animal Crossing currency is that it’s coming some time in late March. Considering that, as I right this, there’s only about a week left in the month, it’ll drop any day now. So, keep your peepers peeled and your ears to the ground.

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