Warframe Sirocco Not in Inventory Problem Solution

The Sirocco is one of the rewards you will get when you complete the New War, the latest Warframe expansion. The description for it reads: “A silent pistol for infiltrations and assassinations. Generates its own ammunition from Void energy. A precisely timed reload over-charges the next shot.” Since it deals only Void energy, this makes it a very powerful weapon. And, when you receive it – and several other rewards – you will get a message that all of these have been placed in your inventory. However, when you open up your inventory, the Sirocco is nowhere to be found. What is the cause of this problem? Is it some sort of bug, and if it is, is there a solution for it? Our Warframe Sirocco Not in Inventory Problem Solution guide will explain why this is happening and what you can do about it.

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Warframe Sirocco Not in Inventory Problem Solution

Where to Find Warframe Sirocco

The reason why this is happening is simply due to poor wording on the developers’ part. The description for this weapon states that it is a pistol, and the reward message says that it, along with all the other rewards, has been placed in your inventory. As such, players are, quite understandably, confused when they can’t find it there. This is because the Sirocco is actually an AMP. This means that, in order to use the Sirocco, you need to check out your Operator.

The Sirocco is an excellent AMP. Due to it dealing only Void damage, it’s excellent against Sentient-type enemies. Besides this, it also has one of the highest critical chances out of all AMPs in the game, as well as a really high status chance at 50%. If you are having some other New War-related questions and issues, we have also written guides on some of the most common problems and queries concerning this expansion, such as how to get the Nataruk War Bow, and who to choose – Natah, Lotus, or Margulis.

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